< We’re passionate about code />

The TStewart Solutions Team is a dedicated group who don’t mind being called tech geeks.
We’re always reading and researching and playing with the newest cool code.
We love what we do… and it shows!

Our Team Of Professionals

Tracy Stewart

Tracy tells the team she started working in computer services before they were born! (This is mostly true) First running the advertising/merchandising department of a large lumber retailer then heading the help desk division of a healthcare provider she has experience in trade show and POP sales development, team management, client services, web design, web content and social media branding/marketing. In 2009 she started TStewart Solutions as a way bring high tech solutions available businesses large and small.

Tim Haskins

Tim is a web specialist who has done full-stack development on every technology thrown at him. From the arcane realm of Apache server configurations and SQL databases to the finesse of font families and responsive UI design in HTML/CSS, Tim loves making things work!

Fig Ruiz

Fig brings experience as a systems administrator and webmaster. Whatever Fig is working on, making things easier is his goal. To him, design and technology are two sides of the same coin.

Brian Taylor

Brian is a web and graphic design specialist. His goal is to make websites look amazing on whichever device your clients are using. Brian is a master of HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Brian loves to figure out ways to make clients’ day-to-day lives easier and more streamlined.